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1. Introduction 
 2. Search for these signs to find an excellent cleaning service in Sharjah 
*Fascinating reviews and reputation 
*Strong communication skills 
*Licensed and insured 
*Tailored cleaning services 
*Screening of workers 
3. Highline: Our top pick of the bunch 
#Our trending services 
*Residential cleaning service 
*Commercial cleaning service 
*Deep cleaning service 
*Water tank cleaning service 
*Comprehensive cleaning service 
#What will you get? 
4. Book your appointment with Highline  
5. No money loss, only bacteria loss
6. Final Takeaway 


Save six hours of cleaning by hiring the best cleaning service in Sharjah. 

Many house owners find cleaning tasks a backburner because they don’t get any resting time between working full-time jobs, caring for kids and pets, and kitchen jobs.

If this situation matches yours, then it’s time to consider hiring the best cleaning company.

Now say goodbye to long-time dusting and mopping and spend your evenings or weekends doing things you truly want to do.

But before jumping to typing “best house cleaning service” into Google, you should be aware of what to look for. And above all, you don’t like to invite just any random person into your home! right?

Now let’s dive into the most important things to look for in house cleaning services.

Search for these signs to find an excellent cleaning service

  • Fascinating reviews and reputation

You can start your best cleaning service search journey by simply asking for referrals from family and friends. Which housecleaning service do they prefer? Are they satisfied with their work?

You can also refer to reviews and testimonials on company websites. Look up local review sites in your area online, including Google, Yelp, the BBB, and others. Do not rely solely on customer reviews found on a company’s website; also look at independent review websites.

Also, do not miss any cleaning service company that has positive things to say about their:

  • Reliability
  • Professionalism
  • Punctuality
  • Credibility
  • Availability
  • Work ethic
  • Cleaning skills

No company is without flaws, but you should notice a general pattern of positive feedback. Remember that a single bad review from a dissatisfied client may not be sufficient to bring the entire business into disrepute.

  • Strong communication skills

Yes, effective communication is crucial. You can get in touch with the cleaning specialists over email or phone right away. Therefore, use the first contact to get a feel for their business before you talk about quotes or arrange a walkthrough.

Keep in mind a list of possible questions to ask, such as:

  • What pricing structure do you use (by service, hourly, or flat fee)?
  • Your business has insurance and a bond, right?
  • How long has your company been in operation?
  • Are your employees subjected to background checks?
  • What cleaning agents do you employ (and who provides them)?
  • Who will visit my house?
  • How should I handle my pets?

Pay attention to how they communicate as well as their responses. Are they friendly, loyal, and sincere? Will you trust this person with the key to your house?

  • Licensed and insured

Just imagine how it would be if someone got injured while cleaning your home. Also don’t you feel worried if something you own is lost, broken, or damaged?

That’s the point. It is vital to hire a licensed and bonded cleaning service. Unless you do, you won’t get any legal protection if something goes wrong. A reputable company will not only ensure these but will gladly provide proof upon request.

  • Tailored cleaning services

If you want a specific cleaning service, like general maintenance cleaning weekly or a few times a month, or a more thorough cleaning in the springtime, make sure the cleaning service will provide that.

Also, keep in mind what services you need before you start making calls. Highline, one of the top cleaning services in Sharjah, has flexible options that you can tailor to the needs of your home and family.

  • Screening of workers

Professional cleaning companies don’t miss the opportunity to screen their workers or run background checks before hiring. There is also a tendency among other unprofessional companies to allow a worker to bring their friend, cousin, or neighbor with them on the job. It is not a good kind of work ethic.

When you hire independent cleaners, the truth is that you never know what you are going to get. You never know who you are inviting into your home or who they might invite themselves. There is no assurance that you will always receive the same cleaners or the same standard of work.

So it’s important to hire a home cleaning service that conducts thorough screenings and background checks on every person they hire. If not, you will get into hot water!

These are the most important things that should come to mind when hiring a cleaning service.

Highline: Our top pick of the bunch

Your search for the best cleaning service ends here. Meet Highline, one of the noteworthy cleaning services in Sharjah. You can confidently seek their service if you want top-notch cleaning services. And most importantly, our cleaning professionals are insured, efficient, and trustworthy.

Along with basic cleaning services like dusting and vacuuming, we also provide more comprehensive services like deep cleaning, window washing, and laundry. 

Highline has shown its efficiency throughout the years, which is why it is still outshining other cleaning services in Sharjah. We have an organized cleaning schedule based on a daily, weekly, or monthly timeline.

We are providing this schedule to eliminate guesswork and focus on your everyday business activities. Above all, this cleaning service in Sharjah should always be punctual and come with all of the proper equipment needed to complete the job.

Being an organized cleaning company in Sharjah, Highline lets you and your company know when the cleaning service will be at your office, thereby ensuring a clean work environment for your staff every day.

It is our social responsibility to make your home or company free from a chemical atmosphere. We double-check whether our cleaning products and methods are as green as possible. By hiring an environmentally friendly service, you can promise your staff a clean and green environment.

If you’re thinking of office or home furniture cleaning services, this cleaning service in Sharjah is the optimum choice for you. 

Our Trending Services

  • Residential cleaning service

When it comes to residential spaces, we understand the importance of delivering highly effective, green cleaning techniques that allow us to create a safer, healthier environment for you. Since all of our cleaning members display our highline ID badge, you can trust our service.

  • Commercial cleaning service

Unlike homes, commercial business is where your signature lies. Hence, it is important to present a professional, safe, and clean appearance to your customers and clients. At Highline, you will get trustworthy and affordable commercial janitorial services.

  • Deep cleaning service

Our deep cleaning service is more time-consuming than other services because it includes intricate tasks like scrubbing grease, sanitizing surfaces, cleaning behind appliances, disinfecting knobs, and deep cleaning tile walls and floors. By doing so, we can confidently assure you a healthier and fresher living environment.

  • Disinfection

After hiring Highline, you will get a thoroughly cleaned and sanitized home, office, or any other space. With the regular Highline service, you can easily disinfect high-touch surfaces such as door handles, knobs, and more. Also, we carry out disinfection practices with high precautions.

  • Water tank cleaning service

Highline uses strong chemicals and cutting-edge technology to thoroughly clean the water tank. Your water tank will be in impeccable condition thanks to our effective water cleaning service. We are dedicated to providing thorough and dependable water tank cleaning services at a reasonable price.

  • Comprehensive cleaning service

Highline never fails to assure you of qualified cleaning services. Our comprehensive cleaning is a holistic approach that leaves no nook or cranny untouched, which means you will get one step more than conventional surface-level tidying.

What will you get?

  • Saves your cleaning time
  • Reduce stress 
  • Improved air quality 
  • Productivity 

Book your appointment with Highline 

Opening hours24*7
Phone+971-50 462 4543
Phone+971-04 566 8368

No money loss, only bacteria loss

Many people hold the mistaken notion that using a professional home cleaning service will cost them a lot of money.  But the truth is that saving their hard-earned money is beneficial to them as well.

Imagine, for instance, that if you start cleaning on your own, you will waste money on detergent and other necessary items. Additionally, you must have your carpet dry-cleaned to remove all dirt.

All of this costs a lot of money. However, you can avoid spending money on these things when you hire cleaning service professionals like Highline, which is known for its customer-friendly cleaning services.

Final Takeaway

Let’s draw the conclusion. Cleaning your home or workplace is one of the biggest issues facing many homeowners today. 

Remember, the ultimate aim of hiring a cleaning service is to give you back your

  • Time
  • Energy
  • Peace of mind

If you lack confidence that the company on your list will give you these things, you need to keep looking. Continue asking questions until you’re 100% satisfied. Your demands should be genuine, and listen carefully to the responses.

What if something does not feel right or you are not feeling at ease? Follow your instincts and proceed to the next company on your list.

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