TERMITES: These Eusocial insects are usually seen in every home. Being notorious for causing wooden furniture destruction, these creepy termites are a nuisance everywhere. 

You suddenly lost your cleaning confidence when you happen to see a swarm of termites in your home. Why does this happen now and then?

Let’s see.

If you are using low-quality DIY methods, then it takes no time to multiply termites faster. 

Termites can cause allergic reactions because of their droppings. In certain situations, termites may ruin your health indirectly. 

As termites are wood lovers, there is a possibility that they can infest your wooden cane or your wooden prosthetic limb. 

So be alert for termite infestation. Preventing termites as soon as possible before makes the situation worse.

Perform your yearly termite inspection only with Highline pest control agency. Take it as a friendly reminder that early termite detection is the key to protecting your home from costly termite damage. 

Signs of termite infestation

You can identify termite activity around your home or business by noticing specific symptoms like

  • Termite mounds: Mounds appear as the result of termite colonies.
  • Termite swarmers: Termite swarmers attack your home through cracked and open doors, windows, and pin holes in your walls.
  • Termite frass: Termite frass gives you the first signal of a termite infestation. You’ll likely find it anywhere, like on window sills, doors, porches, or even on your carpets and floors.
  • Termite droppings: Termite droppings look similar to sawdust. It can cause certain allergic reactions, too.
  • Flying termites: Flying termites often signify a termite colony. One thing to note before eliminating termites is that you should first eradicate the colony, like a pre-action.

Try these proper preventative measures 

  • Find a professional pest control company and get their service.
  • For small infestations, heat is enough to kill termites. 
  • For large infestations, liquid nitrogen is better. 

Point to remember: As liquid nitrogen is highly inflammable, ensure that you have the right equipment and protective clothing.

Will spraying treatment work for termites?

Before spraying for termites, you need to check if any chemicals you use have been approved by the EPA (Environmental protection agency). Only an experienced termite control specialist can suggest the most effective and safe treatment available to target your infestation. so it is better to ask your technicians which system is right for you.

Hire Highline to get a Solid Termite Treatment Plan

Highline is always ready to turn your anxious termite issue into a very positive experience. There are different termite treatment methods in Highline, like full drill treatment, perimeter treatment, soil and problem area treatment, and bait station systems.

Each home needs a different treatment plan

depending on construction. Identifying the construction of your home is important in eliminating a subterranean termite infestation. Next is discovering the many ways a termite colony can enter your home.

Always consider preventing termite infestations a top priority because of their jaw-dropping repair costs and the difficulty of eradication.

Wrapping up

Now you understand the depth of the termite infestation, right? Beware of this silent killer. 

The presence of termites is unnoticeable. So that it helps termites to get inside your home and can attack for an extended time. 

Don’t stuck on how to deal with termites.

Highline protects your home or business place from termites. We do follow routine termite inspections. We are trained professionals who have specialized knowledge of that. Highline is a licensed termite control company in the UAE.

Therefore seek the service from an expert pest control company like Highline and keep yourself safe and secure. We will offer you with best solutions for permanent recovery. 

Don’t be misled by an inexperienced termite inspector!

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