Just wander through your lush, green garden area and see how healthy the plants are. Whatever type of plants you grow, garden pest control is vital. In this blog, you will get useful tips that work like a charm to naturally keep bugs out of vegetable gardens. If you plant plants in the right direction, garden pests will never approach your lovely plants.

Fed up with bugs?

Are you thinking about how to keep bugs out of vegetable gardens naturally? Don’t worry; here comes the solution. There are many non-toxic methods to keep these creepy bugs out of your sight, like handpicking more giant insects or blasting them off with a strong spray of water. 

Luring beneficial insects, birds, and other natural predators to do the work for you is the best way to control garden pests. Depending on the insect causing the damage, you can choose different solutions.

Some common plant-eating pests

  • Aphids: A strong splash of water is enough to eliminate aphids if they are smaller in number.
  • Caterpillars and worms: Either handpicking or drenching with a biological insecticide that contains Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis).  
  • Flea Beatles: Neem oil spray or a spinosad spray is very useful to avoid flea beetles.
  • Japanese beetles: Although pesticide sprays can kill adult beetles, they provide no ongoing protection from further infestations. Hence, the best defense against these pests is to select plants they find less desirable.
  • Mealy bugs: Plant small-flowered nectar plants, such as sweet alyssum and yarrow, in your garden to attract natural predators, including ladybugs, mealybug destroyers, and green lacewing larvae.

The list doesn’t end here. There are other garden pests, too. Scale insects, slugs and snails, squash bugs, whiteflies, and tent caterpillars are some of them.

A step-by-step approach to controlling garden pests

Before carrying out pest control methods in the garden, one thing to learn is to give that up as a goal. Every gardener, whether experienced or inexperienced, encounters garden pests. 

An experienced gardener understands that there is no way to completely eradicate them from your garden. So, here are some strategies for reducing the likelihood of a major pest invasion.

Research your garden area: Before planting anything, it is better to research common pests and what they like to eat. If you suspect any pests in your yard, then try to make choices that those pests will find less attractive.

Encourage predators: It is always a better choice to plant a greater variety of species. The primary focus should be native plants, which will help support the beneficial insects that eat the pesky ones. Ladybugs (which eat aphids), lacewings, soldier beetles, tachinid flies, predatory stink bugs, and parasitic wasps are examples of beneficial insects.

Ward off invasive species: As invasive species, like Emerald Ash Borers, don’t have natural predators, they can spread fast. In such cases, seek the services of professional treatments for emerald ash borers and related pests, including soil or trunk injections and sometimes canopy sprays.

Be vigilant

Observe your garden thoroughly so you can stop a problem before it gets out of hand. Always be eager to inspect under leaves and on stems. Also, keep in mind that bugs can overwinter in the soil and return to the plants as the weather warms.

Preserve wholesome soil 

The standing space of plants matters. Preserve the soil in which your plant grows. If your plant is healthy, there are fewer chances of it getting infected. Because, only a healthier plant can withstand pressure from pests, diseases, and drought, and soil is a key to health. Obtain a soil test, fertilize, avoid over-tilling, and regularly water deeply at the roots.

Erect a fence

If you can’t handle flying pests, lay netting over berries and fruit trees. Try burying a mesh fence at least six inches deep to deter diggers or crawlers from climbing over it.

Row covers are helpful to keep worms and birds away from cabbage plants, while raised planters ward off rabbits from your vegetables.

Try traps

Pests can be controlled with pheromones and rodent traps before they reach your flowers and vegetables. Keep them away from the garden to avoid attracting pests.

Keep connected with a pest control agency

The advice of professionals is essential for any pest control project.  Highline Pest Control Agency in the UAE is experienced in garden pest control services. Highline’s expert pest control technicians can eliminate all the pesky bugs from your garden and keep your plants healthy and nourishing. 

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